Apartment and rental home living remains a popular option among Peoria residents. It also presents an excellent business opportunity for landlords, who can turn an impressive profit by giving tenants a nice place to live. Unfortunately, an otherwise convenient setup can quickly become a disaster if a landlord and his or her tenants fail to get along. In such situations, it is wise to have a trusted landlord/tenant lawyer on hand for targeted advice and, if need be, representation in a court of law. Caryn Kamp works with landlords in the Peoria area, delivering satisfactory case resolutions regardless of the circumstances. Kamp has extensive experience in landlord representation, including HUD and Section 8 subsidized properties, with full service from the beginning to the end of the eviction process.

Forcible Entry: Representation For Landlords

When, after receiving proper written notice of eviction proceedings or lease non-renewal, a tenant still fails to leave his or her apartment or home by the requested date, that individual may be subject to forcible entry on the part of the landlord. First, however, the landlord must file a lawsuit for forcible entry and detainer. This type of court hearing is often completed on very short notice, and, if the ruling is in the landlord’s favor, the tenant may be forcibly removed by law enforcement officials.

In some cases, a landlord may make forcible entry without first abiding by requirements regarding written notice and legal permission. If this occurs, the tenant is well within his or her rights to take action against the landlord. If forcible entry and detainer are committed without prior authorization, the affected resident is encouraged to seek legal assistance from Kamp Law Office, Ltd.

Caryn Kamp is willing to act as an advocate for a wide array of clients. With an extensive background in tenant/landlord law and a proactive approach, she is the perfect representative for landlords in Peoria.